IT Sourcing Advisory – Benefit from our Experienced Advisors with decades of Experience


We are not a traditional sourcing advisory as traditional outsourcing advisory is no longer viable for customers who have gained maturity. Our focus is on long term, outcome based relationship and not to burden customers with high costs and at the same time provide relevant talent to work with you to create value in your sourcing process.


We collaborate with mid-size firms to increase their investment in IT, drive short term cost savings and invest in areas that enable revenue growth and stronger customer relationships. The goals is to increase the discretionary spending by analysing non-discretionary buckets as it relates to IT assets life cycle management, minimising maintenance costs, alternate delivery models and cost takeout. The objective is to answer key questions within the organisation to arrive at a future road-map

IT Assets portfolio rationalisation


IT Assets Portfolio rationalization can help to understand how to develop applications and Digital Infrastructure strategy that rationalizes legacy portfolio and prepare for fast-emerging business requirements. This can recommend opportunities that are available with emerging solutions, technologies and service delivery models. With IT Assets portfolio rationalization, organisations can evaluate opportunities available to infuse digitization in their business processes. IT Assets portfolio rationalisation is typically a 4-6 weeks exercise delivered on fixed price.


Engage our advisory services to answer the following key questions

Partner with specialist providers in the market


We maintain relationships with IT services firms specializing in providing solutions to mid size organizations and will help you to choose the right long-term partner if you prefer to go down the route of strategic sourcing through the following:


Strategy and Business Case


  1. Identify processes where external providers can be engaged
  2. Identify cost take out opportunities in application and infrastructure delivery
  3. Identify new platforms and technology options available with providers for high business value
  4. Single or multi-provider strategy
  5. Location of services considering skills, cost and global support requirements


Request for solutions process


Request for solution is to understand what is available in the market to further consider sourcing as a potential strategy. A RFP process can follow a request for solution process. This will avoid RFP to be too prescriptive. This also enables customers to scan the market place without going through an elaborate RFP process. An RFP process can be initiated with select suppliers if sourcing is an option. The duration of request for solution process is typically 5-7 weeks.


Provider Selection


  1. RFP development and provider selection process
  2. Relevant subject matter experts in services being sourced
  3. List of supplier organisations who will be relevant to consider based on our extensive knowledge and information
  4. Aid in supplier selection process


Our Differentiation


  1. Provide you ongoing governance and long-term support
  2. Our attributes – do it cheaper with a lean consulting team, outcome based and little focus on daily rates and strong process and frameworks capability
  3. Focus on empowering customers with data, processes, frameworks and best practices
  4. Enable our clients to be independent and effective