Integrate digital marketing managed services

“Digital marketing averages 2.5% of company revenue and 25% of overall marketing expenses. Digital advertising accounts for 12.5% of digital marketing budgets. 64% of marketers say their social advertising budgets are on the rise” -US Digital Marketing Spending Survey 2014, Gartner Group March 2014


Digital marketing will step into the future and aid marketing organisations to deliver their brand value at every customer touch point across devices, websites, and screens among others. Social media can create a huge impact in the connected world to enable it create a digital identity and help organisations to get more out of their products and services. Marketers can manage pricing, branding and promotions more effectively in such an environment through real time data availability.


We deliver ideas and solutions focused on social media, mobile and digital commerce and reach using 360 degree media and technology.


  1. We apply rigorously analyze markets, market structures, customers, and existing digital assets to ascertain opportunities
  2. We design and develop customer engagement strategies as relevant to the market, customer needs, and company situation
  3. We build compelling propositions to enhance customer experience, customer engagement and customer partnering
  4. We plan digital infusion and digital implementation strategies to bring the propositions to life
  5. We plan a multi-channel customer engagement that mirrors current and evolving customer behaviors, especially of digital generation target customers, users, and influencers
  6. We plan and execute creative campaign in partnership with leading marketing agencies and using our technical team and content managers
  7. We continuously measure results and are gearing towards “real-time marketing” with data analytics and creative speed
  8. We provide state of art technology platforms for our customers that include infrastructure, content management and campaign management


Customer Experience and Digital Marketing.


As a global knowledge organization, we provide a spectrum of services in Customer Relationship Management and Digital Marketing. Driven by the mission to enhance the knowledge and practice of CRM, we conduct many industry-academic best practice initiatives and leverage our knowledge in Research, Consulting, Education, Training and Technology to improve organizational and individual productivity.


CRM competencies


  1. Best practice studies
  2. Customer research, analytics and insight development
  3. Strategic marketing and communication planning
  4. Loyalty & CRM program design & implementation Brand roadmaps
  5. CRM program and system audits
  6. Key/ Global account programs
  7. Distributor partnering
  8. International market research and demand assessment

Digital Marketing Competencies


Atrion delivers digital services through its iCRM brand.
iCRM is a premier knowledge company that provides a spectrum of Customer Relationship Management services from strategy through implementation. We are committed to helping organizations become more productive and profitable through effective and efficient relationship strategies, programs and processes.
Our clients benefit from tailored solutions grounded in an integration of expert marketing and CRM strategies, insightful research, innovative technologies, productive customer operations, and employee skill development.
iCRM also brings full-service digital agency competency and combines creative expertise with technical skill sets to power through today’s fast-paced digital world.