Engage Customers with analytics driven awareness


“Process and analyse big (millions of rows) and fat (thousands of attributes) high dimensionality database automatically. Deliver150x more hidden insights in a fraction of the time taken by alternative predictive analysis solutions “


Huge amount of data will significantly impact businesses in terms of data management, analytics and predicting problems to trigger response. As the functionality becomes embedded in connected devices, enterprises will discover increasing opportunities to enhance the services they provide, improve security and identity management, and simplify billing and payment transactions. We have specialist capabilities in business intelligence, predective analytics, customer analytics, analytics and insight driven digital strategies


Our analytics group has a strong team of technical and domain experts backed up with well-defined methodologies and frameworks

Our Advanced analytics solution

Intuceo is our advanced analytical solution processes high dimensionality database automatically and delivers hidden insights quicker than alternative predictive analysis solutions. Our solution can extract actionable insights, uncover business opportunities, predict customer trends and reduce costs.


  1. Robust: Extract patterns, build predictive models to reveal what is behind the data, the why and the how
  2. Intuitive: Simple statements supported by clear, easy-to-understand visualizations
  3. Fast:Speed advantage during data pre-processing, insight generation, and model building
  4. Sector Expertise: Deliver more insights and predictions and leverages your investment better
  5. Trusted partner:Experienced Team to work as part of your organisation


Intueco is available standalone for our customers and also on our A-Cloud. Customers have the option to engage our experienced team of data scientists who are available to work as part of their organization.


Engage us with our advisory services for rapid advanced analytics proof of concept

We will deliver a 2-4 weeks proof of concept based on data samples provided and intuitive reports.